“The light is what guides you home. The warmth is what keeps you there” - Ellie Rodriguez

Landscape lighting has different parameters when it comes to residential or commercial settings. Whereas in a commercial landscape, other people’s choices have to be considered, a residential space is completely your own. Tampa Lights is a residential landscape lighting service provider that bears these differences in mind and then crafts elegant solutions and designs that can really uplift the spirit of any space.

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They say the home is where the heart is and things that lie close to heart tend to be special. We ensure that anywhere in Tampa, residential landscape lighting solutions are provided in a way that these spaces are done the justice that they deserve.

Homes and the gardens that accompany them are places of Zen and peace that the passionate souls take refuge in when they feel like taking a break. This is extremely important every now and then so that each individual can refresh the energy that the body requires in order to get up and get things done. As one of the leading residential lighting companies, we understand that residential outdoor lighting plays an important part in this entire experience because when the sun sets, they are responsible to set a soothing mood that brings a smile to people’s faces.

We have the privilege of being serving Tampa as a home lighting companythat takes pride in valuing the emotional feelings of consumers and creating works of art through our residential exterior lighting solutions.

The products and services that we provide for residential landscape LED lighting are quite extensive and cover all kinds of demands that consumers have. Based in Tampa, we are a home lighting company doesn’t only provide residential landscape lighting services but takes a more in-depth approach to the process by indulging with consumers on a personal level in order to ensure that every product, lighting design or solution that we provide resonates with them profoundly.

Products & Services Offered by Our Home Landscape Lighting Company

Experts at our home landscape lighting company are dedicated to understanding your requirements and providing you with a complete package of effective lighting solutions.

residential landscape lighting

Flood lights

As one of the highly trusted residential lighting companies, we offer a variety of flood lights in different sizes and colors in order to generate outputs of different amounts and hues at the same time, floodlights are essential elements of any residential landscape lighting solution installed in a home because it plays an integral part in highlighting some of the most noteworthy elements of the garden or backyard, like trees, benches or statues.

Home landscape Lighting Company

Path and garden lights

The feature that makes these lights the most sought-after product is the fact that they are usually concealed. Humans have shown a strange attraction towards the concept of hidden lights as the idea is being used frequently in other instances like interior renovations of residential spaces too. This is because concealed lights have a sense of surprise and don’t emit a direct glow that other lights have, a feature that can be discomforting to human eyes. This makes them considerably more soothing and attractive at the same time. Path lighting and other hidden garden lights are types of these products that consumers love to incorporate in their households.


Custom up-lightning

Tampa Lights, unlike other outdoor lighting companies, understands the importance of customizations for the consumers of the modern age. Today, every client loves the freedom of being able to transform traditional lighting products and designs into ones that are modified as per the requirements provided by them. This differentiates them from standard products that these people can use in their residential landscape lighting design to make it stand out from the rest.

Our team of professionals knows the intricacies of the trade and works closely with customers to understand their wants and then advise them on the best possible way forward. The ideal combination of colors and types of light that are fitted in each residential landscape can, therefore, be tweaked and altered to suit the criteria laid out by every client.

array of mini light

An array of mini lights

Mini lights adorn different structures like trees, benches, flower beds etc., and emit a variety of different hues that provide a relaxing but prominent look. These lights make sure that residential gardens and landscapes still remain usable after sunset. It is important not to overdo these lights, however, because they can quickly go from looking beautiful to excessive. The vital factor is always in striking the perfect balance.



Tampa Lights has been serving Florida for quite some time and our teams have become accustomed to the requirements that customers can come up with. Using the experience that we’ve gained and the ideas that the client holds in their minds, we create innovative layouts and designs for every residential landscape in accordance with the overall theme of the house. This has paid dividends in terms of the enormous amount of satisfied customers that choose to place their trust in us time and again.

If you have a residential landscape that needs uplifting or lighting solutions, give us a chance to fulfill what you want. In order to learn more or get a quote from our team, get in touch with us today.