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Canopy Lights

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Canopy, Cafe, Market, Cantina, Globe, Bistro, or whatever you call them, these lights are a beautiful addition to any event space!  Canopy lights are our most popular lighting option.  They provide functional light and are always classic and elegant.  There are several different canopy styles including starburst, zigzag, and swagged designs.

A canopy of lights can be created in both indoor and outdoor spaces. We can use existing structure for connection points or bring in our own structured support if needed.  Popular additions to a canopy of lights are paper lanterns that come in various sizes and colors.

What does a canopy of lights cost?

The price of a canopy of lights is based upon the amount of light used and difficulty of installation. We have canopy lights packages starting around $499.


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Up-lighting is a term used for lights that are placed on the ground and pointed upward towards some object where the light shines on.  We commonly use up-lights for indoor events, however they also can be used to transform the mood of outdoor events as well.  There applications include tents, trees and other landscaping features.  We can change the color scheme of an entire space with the use of up-lighting.  The up-lights we use are LED so they create virtually no heat in the room.  We can control the mood throughout the evening with our color changing LED lights.  We have different styles including wireless, waterproof, strip, and can style lights.  You can choose from a wide variety of vibrant colors to set the perfect ambiance at your event.

What does up-lighting cost?

We offer some amazing package deals with LED up-lights.  Packages start around $499 including the setup and removal of the lighting equipment!

Custom Projections

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In the stage lighting industry these projections are known as “Gobo’s” which stands for Goes Before Optics.  The Gobo is a round piece of flat steel or glass, which when placed in front of a light, projects the letters or image that is on the Gobo.  The high powered projector we put the Gobo in allows us to focus the light, and Gobo image by moving the lens back and forth in the lens tube.

Custom Projections have a number of different applications; for example they can project patterns that create texture on walls or in tents, customize dance floors or even project your company’s logo at the bottom of a pool.  The most popular Gobo projections for weddings are monograms, the bride and grooms names, or wedding date.  Most Gobos are made of steel but the more complex patterns and colors can be achieved only by using glass Gobos.

We can work with an image that you provide to us, or we can work with you to create the image that you would like projected at your event.

How much does a Gobo cost?

We have a variety of styles of Gobos and projection packages. Stock pattern projections start at just $99 and custom designed images start at $199.
(These prices do not include the set-up and removal charge)


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Chandeliers can add a romantic touch to any venue.  We can hang them just about anywhere there is a solid structure to attach to.  You can add a chandelier to any lighting package starting at just $99!

Spot Lights

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Looking for a way to make your cake come to life?  Or maybe you just don’t want your cake to be hiding in a dark corner.  With our cool technology LED spotlights, you won’t have to worry about your cake melting or your guests getting warm.  Our spotlights are great for lighting any area that may be too dark in the space.  Cake table spotlights start at just $50.

Paper Lanterns

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We have a wide variety of lantern styles, sizes, and colors. White paper lanterns are an elegant and classical option. Our colorful paper lanterns are a great way to transform the atmosphere of a room, tent or outdoor space.  Paper lanterns can be hung individually with battery lights inside, or added to a canopy of lights for a romantic effect.  Paper lanterns start at just $5 per lantern.

Mini Lights

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We can change the look an feel of an outdoor space by wrapping the trees in mini lights, outlining a pathway, or wrapping railing & columns. We can light up almost any tree, from palms to oaks. Our string lights can be done in a variety of colors as well.  Pricing for mini lights vary based on the application.

Tent Lighting

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We have several different lighting options for both large and small size tents.  Options include canopy lights, color wash up-lighting, Gobo breakout patterns, hanging lanterns and chandeliers.  We have standard pricing for tents based on the dimensions of the tent you are using starting around $499!


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We can light corporate events in a number of ways.  From conventional conference centers and ballrooms, to outdoor functions.  All of our lighting options work well for corporate events.  Display your logo at any corporate event with a custom projection.