Outdoor Lighting for Your Fire Pit Area

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Having a fire pit in your backyard can be an experience unlike any other for any homeowner. You can choose to spend your leisurely hours sitting near a warm flame with your friends and family, bonding over stories, if you have a fire pit. However, most fire pits are only used after dusk, so it is vital that you have high-quality outdoor lighting in Tampa to enhance your fire pit area.

Why is Outdoor Lighting in Tampa Essential?

The pathways leading to your fire pit should be easy to access and should add to the aesthetic value of your property. However, if you do not have proper lighting along the way, a significant chunk of your yard’s beauty is lost to the darkness. This is why your yard and the pathways leading to your fire pit should be well-lit. However, it is not all about illumination, as bright lights can easily overexpose your landscape features and ruin your experience around the fire pit. Instead, a delicate balance between illumination and aesthetics should be maintained when lighting your fire pit area. Adding lighting fixtures to your fire pit can significantly boost the ambiance of the area, and although it may seem easy to get outdoor lights set up around your fire pit, picking the right fixtures and installing them optimally can be tricky, which is why it is recommended to take help from lighting stores in TampaFl.


Lighting Ideas For Your Fire Pit

The wide variety of lighting fixtures available for your outdoor living spaces can lead to choice overload, and you may end up with the wrong fixtures for your property. Here are a few lighting fixtures and ideas that you can implement around your fire pit and take your yard to the next level.


  • Path Lighting

The path leading up to the fire pit needs to be properly lit so you and your visitors can make their way to the fire pit and back safely. This makes path lighting an excellent option for most homeowners as there is a wide variety of path lighting options available in lighting stores in Tampa, Fl. However, you need to ensure that your path lighting setup helps highlight your home’s architectural features and your landscape features instead of providing stark contrast. That is why taking help from a lighting professional is recommended over trying to do it yourself, as they have the expertise and the know-how to perfectly set up your path lighting.


  • String Lights

String lights have been gaining popularity over recent years as they provide ample illumination without overblowing the highlights of your backyard. Furthermore, string lights also provide a substantial level of creative freedom that other lighting fixtures cannot. These incredibly versatile options can be molded to your imagination and aesthetic standards to implement them the way you want to. String lights are also one of the most accessible lighting fixtures due to their highly versatile nature and quick installation methods. These lights go well with fences, porches, pathways, and fire pit areas, helping you create a welcoming atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


  • Rope Lights

Rope lights are often mistaken for string lights as they work around the same concept. However, rope lights are one of the most suitable options for lighting a fire pit area. These lights are highly durable and come with a build that is more rugged than their counterparts, string lights. Rope lights are available in LED options, allowing them to be colored if that is the atmosphere you wish to achieve. Furthermore, rope lights can withstand the weather elements better than string lights but can be too bright for pathway lighting.


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  • Post Lights

Post lights are as traditional as you can go with lighting the fire pit area. These lights are on a post that can illuminate the surrounding area, and most post light fixtures come with LED options, making them incredibly versatile. Furthermore, these post lights can be solar powered, which can significantly cut down on your energy needs. Post lights are an effective way to light up the pathway leading up to your fire pit area while saving on energy bills.


  • Tree Lights

Every yard has trees. Why waste your time and effort to get the perfect lighting fixtures for your fire pit area when you can install tree lights? If you have a big tree in your yard, you can use it to hang tree lights to illuminate the area around it. Additionally, having a tree near your fire pit enables you to create a welcoming, magical ambiance that can transform your yard. However, tree lights alone are not an ideal outdoor lighting option. You can pair tree lights with other types of lighting fixtures to complete the aesthetic vibe of your property and make your fire pit look amazing.


  • Up Lights

The concept of up lighting revolves around creating a dramatic scene for your outdoor living spaces. Installing up lighting fixtures near trees and other landscape features allows you to create ambient lighting with a dramatic flair without undermining the light from your firepit. It is one of the most used lighting options for properties with beautiful landscape features.


While there are numerous options for outdoor lighting in Tampa, not all fixtures work for your fire pit area. If you are in doubt, you can always take the help of professionals from lighting stores in Tampa, Fl, to help optimize your fire pit lighting and elevate the experience around your outdoor living spaces.

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