Light Decoration Ideas to Celebrate New Year

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Has the year 2020 been challenging for you too? The pandemic engulfed the world and turned everyone’s lives upside down. Though you can’t put your feet up just yet, but you can bid the year adieu, hoping for better times ahead. With the pandemic continuing to play havoc, the yearly partying might not be possible. You can still welcome the New Year with your loved ones and some innovative light decoration ideas.

From fairy lights to hanging stars; from colored lights to disco balls, there are numerous lighting products you can use for new years eve party decorations. Here are some that you may use.

light decoration ideas

Light Decoration Ideas

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Don’t we all want to decorate to enthrall? Lighting can be one of the simplest ways to decorate your home to usher in the New Year. Putting up string lights outlining your house can be the most straightforward outdoor lighting idea. It will immediately lift the look of your home and mesmerize your guests. Depending on your taste, you can use conventional yellow lights or choose a color you want, or have multiple color bulbs. Use LED lights as they are safe and they use less electricity. Look for Tampa Holiday Lighting companies to light up your homes safely and securely.

If you want to decorate more, here are some more backyard lighting ideas. You may light up the trees, plants, and bushes outside your house. Hang string lights from the trees, or use strings with star lights to give your garden that strikingly heavenly looks.

Moreover, if you are looking for pool lighting ideas or ways you can brighten up your porch, you may use traditional filament bulbs in a string to decorate. If you are interested in some DIY tasks, you can use old mason jars or wine bottles and convert them into lanterns. Stuff fairy lights in the jar or bottle, and you will have a beautiful decoration piece to hang in your garden or the door.

But before you start, remember that the lights you use for your outdoor decoration must be for “outdoor use” so they are safe from rains or snow.


Indoor Lighting Ideas

Usher in the new year with people you care about. There is nothing more precious than beautiful memories. And what’s best, they are free of cost. And if you light up your indoors, it might just add that little sparkle to your memories. Decorating the interiors can be fun and innovative. You can keep the mason jars and wine bottles with fairy lights as centerpieces on your dining table or the mantelpiece. You can hang string lights on a wall and attach family pictures with the help of small clips. Nothing reminds you of good memories more than fun-filled candid photos.

With these light decoration ideas, you can do most of the lighting yourself. But there are risks involved, and you don’t want accidents or fires spoiling your New Year’s eve. So, it’s best to find a company that provides lighting in Tampa BayA little indulgence is allowed this time of the year!