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10 Innovative Light Decoration For Wedding Ideas

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10 Innovative Light Decoration For Wedding Ideas


First, if you are reading, then you are most likely engaged or thinking about getting married and we want to start by congratulating you! With that in mind, if you have been searching for “light decoration for wedding,” you have come to the right place. We are eager to discuss and share with our audience the best marriage light decoration ideas. Whether you are a fan of more traditional weddings and are thinking about candles, or you are seeking a modern and elegant wedding, we will be discussing the best trends, the most innovative ideas, and unique design elements that you can incorporate in your wedding today. Let’s begin with light decoration for wedding idea number one!
1. Candles
Of course, candles had to be number one! Candles are a staple during a wedding reception. As one of the most commonly used light decoration for weddings, candles enhance the wedding venue with beauty, elegance, and style. To add to this, candles, when incorporated with other elements add a level of sophistication and attention to detail that is unprecedented. Whether you recently got married, are going to get married, or have a wedding planner helping you out, the topic of candles has most likely come up multiple times.

With that in mind, it is important to consider the potential hazards of utilizing candles. Not to be a negative Nancy here, but it is important to keep in mind that if the candles will be lit, it is important to keep them away from children or areas where a fire might occur. To add to this, keep in mind that candles add a bit of heat to the occasion, especially when you have thousands of them!

2. Light Candles / Battery Operated Candles


If you are opting in for battery operated candles, then this is a smart move if you are concerned about fire hazards or children. With that in mind, there are many different and beautiful battery operated candles today. From Michael’s Craft Store to Pottery Barn, there are a wide variety of different plastic candle designs, some even with moving flames. With that in mind, you can also buy small tea-light battery operated candles.

3. Lanterns / Paper Lanterns

One of the most common and unique decorations for wedding ideas is lanterns or paper lanterns. Whether you are using actual metal lanterns or modern lanterns, or paper lanterns, it is known as one of the most traditional and also aesthetically pleasing designs. There are two different ways you can display beautiful lanterns at your wedding. One of these methods is you can actually display ground lanterns. These can be used to light a walking trail or simply scattered around to add a beautiful ambient look. However, one of the most common is paper lanterns that are strung from a pole or a tree to add a beautiful and mystical look. With that in mind, if you are searching, “how to decorate with lights for a wedding”, Tampa Lights is more than happy to help!

4. Bistro Lights

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Bistro lights have made their way into the wedding scene for several years now. Ideal for many outdoor wedding venues, bistro lights are used to illuminate areas that need a lot of lighting in a beautiful and colorful way. Bistro lights are often a string of hundreds of small lightbulbs, that vary in light strength, that are designed and used to add quality lighting and aesthetics to an area. For a beautiful and enchanting look that is also practical, bistro lights are worth it. These have become one of the most common marriage light decoration!

5. String Lights

Follow bistro lights as one of the most common light decoration for wedding ideas is string lights. String lights have become a popular addition to many wedding venues due to the starry and twinkly look that they provide. String lights are commonly much smaller than bistro lights and can be connected to a power hub that allows the lights to fade, blink, flash, or dim. This adds an added element of beauty to your wedding venue. To add to this, string lights are also very affordable and most commonly are used to accent areas of the and give an added quality appeal.

6. Gobo Lights

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As Gobo Light specialists, this may be one of our most favorite additions to any wedding when it comes to marriage light decoration. Gobo lights are custom made stencils that are designed uniquely to project a message or beautiful design. With that, they are also known as Custom Projections. Whether you want a beautiful custom projection of your initials or a specific design that is a memory of your relationship together, we can add beautiful monogrammed projections to any wedding. With that in mind, Gobo Lights have become a unique way of making your wedding day, one of a kind.

Other Marriage Light Decoration Ideas!

7. Chandeliers
8. Uplighting
9. Edison Lightbulbs
10. Canopy lighting

Wedding Light Specialist in Tampa

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As your wedding light specialists in the Tampa region, we are eager to be part of your wedding day. If you are considering light decoration for wedding services, we are here to help you create your vision. Whether you are seeking uplighting, bistro lighting, or any other specific design or style, our goal is to provide a quality design. Contact Tampa Lights for quality and appealing aesthetics when it comes to marriage light decoration.