How Much Electricity Do LED Landscape Lights Use?

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Landscape lighting has been gaining traction in Tampa, Fl, in recent years because of the innumerable benefits. From increasing the aesthetic appeal of homes to providing better safety and security to homeowners, landscape lighting is the jack of all trades. However, with all these benefits comes a fair amount of skepticism about if it is good for the environment. Additionally, running landscape lighting is often perceived to raise your electricity bills considerably.

Are LED Landscape Lights Better for the Environment?

The big question in 2022 is whether any new technology is sustainable and more environment-friendly than its predecessors. LEDs are environment-friendly in many ways.

On average, LED lights are about 15% more efficient than their halogen or incandescent counterparts. Apart from efficiency, LED lights also last longer, which lowers the number of times they need to be replaced. Therefore, it creates less waste.

How Much Does It Cost to Run LED Landscape Lights?

Back in 2018, the cost of electricity was about 12.89 cents per kWh (Kilowatt – hours). Let’s assume that you are running the lights from sunset to sunrise (dusk to dawn). That would amount to about 5 hours of usage every day. The five hours of run time is calculated without considering daylight savings.

On average, a moderately sized house with landscape lighting installation in Tampa, Fl, has about 20 LED lights. Since the most used LEDs consume 8 watts, running twenty 8-watt LEDs for 5 hours per day can amount to about 18 kilowatts per month. Considering the average cost of electricity, it will cost you just shy of $5 per month. Even if you add the cost of replacement, maintenance, and overage, it will still amount to $5 typically. On the contrary, the obsolete halogens or incandescent lighting solutions will cost you about 4-5 times as much at about $20 – $25 per month.

Additionally, lighting fixtures for exteriors consume more energy than lights meant for interiors. Sometimes, they have twice the wattage. LEDs will still cost you much less than any other traditional lighting solutions.

LEDs are Bang for the Buck!

With LEDs, you can ensure the safety of you and your family members while highlighting the key architectural features of your landscape or home. Even the most complicated and vast landscape light installations cost you about $20 per month. You can reap all the benefits at a much lower cost of operation, with more extended durability, making LEDs the best innovation in lighting technology.

Why is Landscape Lighting Important?

  • Highlighting landscape features and décor.

Having proper outdoor lighting fixtures can be the difference between your home looking fabulous even after the sun goes down and your home disappearing into the background once the natural light fades. This is the key reason why landscape lighting has become popular recently.

  • Provides safety.

Installing lights that illuminate your driveways, walkways, and patios ensures that you or your guests will not have to walk in the dark. They add safety to your home as a properly illuminated pathway reduces the risk of tripping and getting injured considerably.

  • Deters crime.

It can be the best crime deterrent when your yard or gardens are adequately lit. Having large lights illuminate the dark corners of your compounds ensures the security of your home and its occupants.

  • Illuminates outdoor living spaces.

If you have any outdoor rooms, like a barbeque or an outdoor living room, landscape lighting can provide the perfect ambience and make your guests feel more relaxed.

Things to Consider When Picking Backyard Lighting for Your Home.

  • Size of Your Backyard

Avoid buying lights that are too big or too small for your landscape features. A smaller light can provide the perfect ambience for your exteriors, while a larger light can overexpose your surfaces, and it can lose all sense of depth.

  • Complementing Colors

The color of the LED lights can substantially transform a yard. Lights with colors that clash with the walls of your home should be avoided, and instead, you should pick shades that complement your walls and features. If you are installing lights for security reasons, a bright white light is recommended.


  • Budgetary Constraints

It would be best to try to minimize your cost while boosting your efficiency. Going over the budget is not recommended as you may end up with lights you do not necessarily need. Implement strict budgetary constraints to avoid impulse buying lights.

  • Durability

Since these lights will be on the exterior, they will need to withstand harsh weather conditions. Durable landscape lights can fight moisture, and strong winds as constantly replacing them is not a viable option. They need to be able to withstand years of abuse from the elements.

Final Words

Besides saving your energy costs, when LEDs are used in landscape lighting installations in Tampa, Fl they can deliver better quality light to specifically targeted locations, unlike incandescent or halogen lights. Besides that, they last longer, which means less waste and more savings due to infrequent replacements.

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