Five Ideas to Light Up Your Dream Wedding Day.

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No matter the event, lighting is one of the few things you should not compromise on. It serves a purpose greater than just illuminating the décor. It sets the mood for your special day; it is what binds together every part of the décor and provides ambience to the entire set as you embark on this beautiful journey. Lighting experts are vital in a modern wedding, as we move to an era where every wedding is different and has a more personalized theme. Professionals can provide immersive lighting, which helps you frame these precious moments in soft light like never before.

Here are 5 lighting ideas for an unforgettable wedding day.

  1. A sky full of stars.

What’s more romantic than you and your partner tying the knot of love under a starry night sky? However, it is difficult to achieve for a myriad of reasons. It may be overcast, or there might be too much light pollution. If you want a blanket of stars over your head, hire a professional. Having fairy lights or golden bulbs suspended over your dance floors, reception spaces, ceremonies, and more is magical. This lighting arrangement defines your weddings space while also feeling something so beautiful; it looks out of this world; even during daylight.

An outdoor garden wedding is a perfect opportunity to get your stars aligned professionally.

  1. Inside out! Outside in!

Pairing fantastic lighting with flora and greenery from the outside showcases your extraordinary taste. Installations of greenery have become the norm lately. Saying ‘I do’ under a green roof adds more gravitas to the moment celebrating your love for each other. The warmer toned lights serve as ambient lighting, providing highlights and contrast to the leafy green natural tones of the décor.

Putting lights on trees at your outdoor wedding is the most exquisite way to light up a beautiful, memorable sunset while making the ambience romantic. Professionals usually recommend fairy lights for the express purpose of illuminating trees and shrubs, but the wiring can be tricky, therefore warranting the services of an experienced professional light company.

  1. Curtain Call.

Most outdoor weddings employ the lighting techniques that highlight the faux ceilings of the event, but here is one that emulates curtains or partitions. Strings of fairy lights drooping on your sides like long curtains in the dark, curtains made of stars or fireflies. This is a very versatile arrangement as well.

You can use the curtains as a backdrop or as a partition. They are typically used to highlight reception areas and are perfect for a photo opportunity as they provide a picturesque lighting solution that is simply elegant yet glams up the entire venue.

  1. Chandeliers for Days.

Using fairy lights or designer lights to create an ambiance is a common practice in this day and age. However, the classics will still remain the classics; just like chandeliers, these are the classiest lighting fixture you can get for your wedding. It does not get any more elegant than this. It is the ‘wedding gown’ of lighting.

You must believe that a chandelier can only be used indoors in a ballroom, but hanging them from trees and faux ceilings when having an outdoor wedding will add flamboyance to your perfect evening.


  1. Light the Way.

If you wish to make your wedding feel and have an air of mysticism, using lights to light up the paths is for you. Emphasizing a stairway, path, or staircase with independent lights and fairy lights that guide your guests while creating a pleasant ambient lighting scenario in certain seating spots will charm the already splendid evening. Combining the lighting setup with a well-paved path winding into a garden will set the scene for many pictures on your special day.


Lighting seems like an accessory to décor but is as much part of the décor as everything else. The size and location of your event greatly influence the kind of lighting arrangement you can opt for, and so does your personal taste. Connect with lighting companies Tampa FL for assistance in setting the mood lighting for a perfect wedding day.

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