5 Reasons Why Outdoor Wall Lights Would be a Great Addition to Your Garden

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As a homeowner, you must be proud of your garden. However, once natural light fades, your garden can quickly lose its charm. The best way to improve the ambiance and highlight your garden is with the help of garden lighting in Tampa. Additionally, if you have an active social life and host guests occasionally, adding some atmospheric lighting fixtures to your garden can transform your evening hangouts. 

Outdoor wall lighting is vital to any home’s landscape lighting in Tampa. Here are the top 5 reasons why wall lights would work wonders in your garden areas.

1. Helps extract the maximum use of your garden space.

Spending quality time in their home’s outdoor spaces is a desire for every homeowner. However, spending quality time in your garden spaces after sundown can be unappealing without outdoor lighting installments. With the help of light installations, homeowners can utilize the garden area for hosting parties, events, romantic dinners, or spending quiet time with the family. An optimal lighting installation can bring life into your outdoor spaces and fill them with charm and a relaxing ambiance.

2. Makes your home appear attractive even in the dark.

A beautiful home can quickly lose its charm when the natural light begins to fade. However, proper lighting can significantly improve that charm when the sun goes down with lighting fixtures that complement your home and its architectural features. Homeowners can extensively experience the benefits of exterior lighting in outdoor living areas like patios. However, picking the right lighting fixtures and arrangements can be challenging and is best handled by professionals like Tampa Lights.

3. Increases safety around your home.

The most basic purpose of a lighting system is to provide illumination. This is especially true when it comes to outdoor lighting. Having properly illuminated pathways and walkways can add to any visitor’s safety during the night as it can save them from accidentally tripping over and falling in the dark.

4. Helps add a layer of security around your property.

Adding outdoor lights is an excellent crime deterrent. Outdoor wall lighting fixtures can be used to illuminate any dark areas within your property effectively. This can make spotting any criminal activities within your property easy. However, any unwanted visitors can be easily deterred by these lighting fixtures.

5. Does not increase energy consumption significantly.

Contrary to popular belief, outdoor lighting fixtures do not contribute much to energy consumption bills. This happens because most outdoor lighting fixtures are made from quality LED bulbs that are widely known for their highly energy-efficient nature. Furthermore, most of these exterior lighting fixtures are weatherproof and are built to survive extreme conditions. This ruggedness helps the lights last longer, which further decreases replacement costs.

LED Landscape Lights Lead the Way

Installing LED outdoor lights can help you do much more than save on your energy bills. LEDs are 15% more efficient than halogen or incandescent lamps, and since they last considerably longer than other conventional bulbs, they do not need to be replaced as frequently. This also helps create less waste and makes it an eco-friendly choice for the environmentally conscious.

Factors to be Considered When Choosing Outdoor Lights

The benefits of installing outdoor lighting fixtures are endless. However, there are certain factors you need to consider when buying exterior lights in order to get the best out of them.

  • Coverage

When it comes to buying lights, the golden rule is to buy the correct size. Lights that are too big or too small for the garden area can be detrimental to the ambiance. Instead, picking a lighting fixture that provides ample illumination without overexposing architectural features can help achieve the perfect balance.

  • Colors

The colors of light are often overlooked. Since most landscape lights in Tampa are LEDs, they can come in a wide variety of colors. Picking a color that clashes with the colors of the walls should be avoided at all costs. Instead, choose colors that complement the walls, and the garden’s primary features can transform the garden area. Additionally, bright white is the ideal choice if lights are installed from a security standpoint.

  • Durability

Exterior lights and ruggedness go hand in hand. However, not all lighting fixtures are built the same and offer the same level of durability when it comes to braving harsh weather conditions. The fixtures for garden lighting in Tampa should be able to fight moisture and strong winds, even if they are costlier, as constantly replacing them will garner a higher bill over time.

  • Budget

The goal of any exterior lighting project is to minimize cost while maximizing utility. Going over budget for a lighting fixture is not recommended as there are always alternatives for any fixture at all price ranges. The best way to stay under budget is by laying out the lighting plan before buying to avoid impulse purchases.

The Take-Away

The best way to boost your home’s curb appeal when it gets dark is by installing outdoor wall lights. However, these high-quality lighting fixtures also require the hands of a trained professional to install them efficiently and safely. The best way to get the most out of your lights is to hire Tampa lights and let to pros handle all your exterior lighting needs.

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