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Fundraisers are events created to please the guests, make them feel comfortable and cozy giving them the mindset to listen to speakers, auction for items, travel around the room to network, or sit down for a top notch dinner. Whatever the cause is or special event, we will make sure your guests are pleased with the lighting. We know that sometimes lights can be too bright, or perhaps the lighting needs a mood change, or to be adjusted as the sun is setting during your event. Our Tampa Event lighting experts lighting designers will watch and listen to your special plans, map out a strategy and write up a proposal. Tampa Lights is all about making sure your guest are relaxed and happy. There is nothing worse than seeing your guest place hands over their eyes due to spot lights, bright lights in their eyes or so dark, they struggle to read the menu. We provide overhead lighting that won’t bring an uncomfortable glare so the lights can be enjoyed and the transition from daylight to evening lighting is seamless and simple. Also, We are a Tampa Landscape Lighting Company, and have Lighting Designers in Tampa that can light up any property, Give us a call You'll be glad that you did!


Tampa Wedding
Lighting Company

We offer wedding lighting rental in the Tampa Bay area

Getting married? Light it up with Tampa Landscape Lighting.
Let us create that soft romantic lighting or simply decorate an area with sophistication and class! Our Tampa Lighting Designers are
at your service to create that exact look. Whether you know exactly what you want or need some guidance to develop that perfect appearance, Tampa Lighting will ensure personable service and gratification guaranteed. Chose from casual string lighting to full size chandeliers! Have less to worry about on your big day and let Tampa Lighting Designers do all the work.

tampa wedding lights

Tampa Event
Lighting Company

We offer free event lighting quotes & Ideas for the Tampa Community

Special events can be a spectacular; however, don’t let your special occasion go dim. If your event spot includes
having the sun set, Tampa Lighting Designers will make sure your event stays well lit. Tampa Lighting Outdoor and indoor services add lighting beauty to parking lots, tent parties, and any indoor or outdoor area. Get the best lighting in Tampa with hundreds of choices and full service product. Choose fixtures of any kind, craft your own unique Tampa lights, or rely on Tampa Lighting Designers help you design the look you want and lead you through the process.

tampa wedding lights

Tampa Landscape
Lighting Services

We offer free quotes & Ideas for all our landscape lighting services

Start boasting about your landscape without saying a word! Let the best landscape lighting company in Tampa say it all for you!
Let’s face it; landscape is expensive! Make it shine with the best landscape lighting in Tampa and catch everyone’s eye that passes by.
We offer the best low voltage landscape lighting in Tampa and will guarantee quality products, and no mess left behind. Chose from walkways and driveways to flood light or spot lights – we can do it all. Request a free consultation today on the best way to light up your landscape.

tampa wedding lights

Tampa Bay Holiday
Lighting Company

We offer free holiday lighting quotes & Ideas

Shine bright this holiday season. Tampa Lighting will customize and design any style of holiday lighting weather you know what look you seek, or need us to create the design for you. Looking to light up an entire building, all the landscape, or simply decorating a tent or backyard for an event? No problem!
Allow Tampa Lighting Design to fulfill all of your holiday or special event ideas. From string lights to flood lights, just create a theme like Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years Eve, or the Super Bowl! And we will come with specialized ideas, quality lighting, and at a great price.

tampa wedding lights

Lighting For
A Cause

We offer free lighting quotes & Ideas

Fundraising events are the best kind! Have a particular theme in mind? Tampa Lighting Designers can create a custom look specifically for your theme. We are the best light designers in Tampa and creating a unique look is our specialty. No job is too big for Tampa Lighting Company.
We will create a colored theme inside and/or outside your home! Chose from any colors, along with wording, letters, you name it! Anything is possible when you chose Tampa Lighting Company.

tampa wedding lights

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Lighting Gallery

landscape lighting tampa
“I would call Tampa Lights for any landscaping wants. I needed restoration of some existing landscape lighting and a few new items. They took the time and effort to match up, restore, replace and make my entire system like new! Tampa Lights really went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed, without extra add-ons to make it costlier. “Landscape Lighting In Tampa Customer
“Andrew and his crew were incredible to work with during my daughter’s wedding! They made the tent in my backyard light up like a movie stars’ ceremony. The customer service was beyond great and the price was right. I would never go anywhere else. Thank you Tampa Lights!!”

Tampa Wedding Lighting Customer
“My office building was lacking attention and I didn’t know where to begin. Tampa Lights Commercial Landscape Service was the best decision I’ve made. It is like my business building acts as a marketing sign because it lights up so beautifully at night.” Tampa Commercial Lighting Customer
“My fundraiser was a hit because of Tampa Lights! We needed to transform a dull room into a pink paradise and they did a perfect job! The Tampa Lights designers came in with so many great ideas that I would never have thought of – Thank you Tampa Lights!” Lighting For An Event Customer

Common Lighting Questions
Call The Best Lighting Company In
Tampa Bay, Florida

Yes! As a professional lighting company, we have a full staff of electricians, designers, and resources at our fingertips! Our goal is to please the customer by constructing anything you can wish and make your vision come to life. Maybe you just need to use lighting as a marketing tool for your business or light up the landscape adding a nighttime appeal. We offer lighting ideas and solutions for any outside area! Commercial, residential, or you name it, and we will make it happen! We make you a partner with our experts in the field because we want you to feel involved and pleased with your product. Whatever your needs, we will guarantee best pricing and superior customer service.

As a professional lighting company in Tampa Bay, Florida, we have a full staff of electricians, designers, and resources to construct anything you can dream of! We specialize in weddings, groundwork, tents, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and lighting ideas for any special occasion! Perhaps you simply want to turn your backyard into an oasis. Why not illuminate your existing areas to add a feeling of comfort and relaxation? It’s easy when working with outdoor lighting experts. We offer lighting ideas and solutions for any area, and can make your vision come to life or work with you and give endless ideas – all while working in a professional way to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

We have a stellar reputation in The Tampa Bay Area because we are honest and upfront about cost. We will not try to hide costs from you to only have them show up later, or try to nickel and dime you along the way. We offer on site estimates and will work with you to get you the best deal possible. Chose from a huge variety of lighting fixtures, LED bulbs, etc. How do you do that? We survey your environment; the fixtures needed and suggest the most reasonable and dependable style without the added extra costs.

Awareness lighting, ribbons and any color designed to create public awareness to health, medical, disability or other issues are gaining popularity in the U. S. We not only support any and all awareness issues, but also will make sure we have whichever special colored lighting and related paraphernalia you desire for that special event. Tampa Lights offers a huge selection of colors for that distinct eye catching visual display you desire. We don’t want your event to disappear in the dark, but rather keep it lit for all to remember the reason they have attended your unique event. We want to help you make that statement of support for any cause.

Yes. LED lighting is a newest craze in lighting! But what is it? LED means Lights Emitting Diode. In other words, converting electricity into light. The light saves energy while having a much longer life spam. It projects less heat and focuses more in one direction. Tampa Lights is very knowledgeable about LED lighting and will provide you the education and technology expertise without the outrageous costs. We ensure the quality and safety of our LED lighting, providing a way for you to save energy, and have a low maintenance product for years to come without the exurbanite costs.

Yes! Tampa Lights provides the best in quality landscape lighting, event lighting, and much more. We pride ourselves on just how may services we offer our clients. We are happy to give a free estimate for any job including anywhere inside, outside, and/or around your home, to an off site facility that may be for a special occasion like a wedding or a fundraiser. From backyard basics to beautiful elaborate designs. You name it, and we can add high quality lighting with the best price and superior customer service.

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